Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does the CSRD obligation apply to my company?
Only when your company meet two of the following criteria:
  • Turnover > €50 million per year.
  • A balance sheet total > €20 million.
  • > 250 employees (average over one year).
2. What data do I need to deliver?
If you use the Sustainable Sourcing Scan, you do not have to deliver any data. The SSS-output is your input for the Flori Risk Assessment Tool. That saves you time to run your ESG-reporting only with a few clicks!
3. From many sources to one – via IDH?
Instant and secure insights from 17 databases renowned worldwide
for their sustainability, social and safety data.
  • Leading and most reliable databases used to assess risk.
  • All risk dimensions are combined products, locations and volumes to give you a complete overview of risks.
  • > 250 employees (average over one year).